Beware of scammers, be wise.

We live in a world where technology is at our finger tips, we can order our groceries, rent a movie, buy a new couch without a need to get up of our chair, but with the good, there is also some bad.  With all the technology and services available there are always those that try to abuse this and either profit from it, or do bad.  We have taken all the measures possible, and spared no expense to ensure that our users, and their information is always protected, but as a use you also need to take precautions.


Although we monitor the jobs listed on our site, some do seem to slip between the cracks, and these are the ones you need to be careful of.  Below we will list some tips to help you identify possible scams and fraudulent posts.  (If you suspect a post on our site is fraudulent, please report it to us and we will investigate it immediately).


  • In order to offer you the best protection, we encourage you to keep your communication on our site, many scammers create fake or duplicate websites of reputable companies and invite you to sign up there. This should be your first warning sign; employers list their jobs on so that jobseekers can reach them from our site.
    • Remember is a 25-year-old website with a great reputation, keeping all your interactions within the site will offer you greater protection.
  • An employer will never ask you for money, payment or your credit card information. An employer is supposed to pay you.
  • com will never send you email asking for any payment, the only payments made are directly from our website, for the services you choose to purchase. Payments are made via a secure network and your data is protected.
  • Many scammers offer to get you a visa or work permit for a specific job, for a fee. If an employer wishes to sponsor your visa, there are procedures in place and they can guide you through the process, but it is unlikely they will request that you pay them to do it for you.
  • If you do need to pay for something, beware of requests from payment systems like MoneyGram and Western Union, these payments are done instantly and you cannot recall the payment. If you are required to make a payment, make a direct bank transfer, ensuring the name of the account is the same as the company name.  Again, this is a big if, companies rarely ask employees to pay for things.
  • Don’t share personal details, like your email address, telephone number or address with anyone. Registered employers can contact you using our websites communication system, it is secure and won’t reveal your personal data.


These are a few tips to ensure your safety online.  If you are not sure about something just ask us, we have dedicated support staff ready to assist you. 

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