Why is Eurojobs not free anymore?

Why is Eurojobs.com no longer free?

In November 2020 OTI took over the eurojobs.com website, since then we have developed new software to run the site and we have upgraded the servers hosting the site.  This upgrade cost approximately €65,000 and we are constantly upgrading and improving the services.

Initially eurojobs.com was filled with a variety of adverts which made the site difficult to navigate and created a variety of distractions to users, not to mention the impact on the performance of the site.  We have removed most of these third-party adverts and limited the adverts on the site to relative and quality adverts.

Being the largest truly European job site, Eurojobs.com receives more than 8M requests per hour, we have over 1M active jobs, more than 2M active jobseekers and over 1M recruiters, and run over 15M jobseeker and employer reports daily.  In order to serve our users with great results and optimum performance we need to constantly upgrade and tweak our system and this is the largest cost factor of maintaining the quality of service expected from us.

Eurojobs.com is considered one of the cheapest employment listing services in Europe with job posts starting from as little as €3 per job post.

All proceeds from Eurojobs.com are distributed to a variety of charitable causes that the OTI network supports in different communities around the world.  More information on the causes we support can be found here:  https://ocs.otinternational.org, you can choose the cause you want to support when you purchase a package (just add this to the comments section) or we will distribute the funds accordingly to the causes that need the most support.

Thank you for your support.

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